Monday, May 20, 2013

Mango Seminar at CISH

I am planning to attend a seminar on Mango cultivation practices with a focus on improved harvesting, handling, storage and processing techniques for fruit preservation and fruit waste utilization. The seminar will be on June 10th and 11th 2013 at Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture at Lucknow. If anybody is interested to attend, kindly inform me by Tuesday, 28th May. The charges for the seminar is approx Rs 5000 (lodging not included).

I think this is a great opportunity for those already cultivating or planning to get into Mango cultivation and learn a few tricks of the trade from the experts out there.

Feel free to mail me at if you have any queries.


  1. Dear Techie

    What was your experience at Lucknow? Was it useful?
    Will you please share something for us?

    You seems to be doing a great job! Good work!

    Regards: Dixitkumar

  2. CISH experience was a mixed bag. While we were able to get new info on harvesting techniques etc, was disappointed with the lax attitude of their staff..

    1. Not something unexpected !

      This lax attitude of these agencies is the reason for downfall of Agriculture in India. Some of them are doing excellent service whereas some are really bad one. Anyway as long as people like you are there to share and spread the knowledge, the hope for Agriculture is alive.