Monday, May 13, 2013

Farm Mechanization : Tractor based spraying system

A few months ago, I had posted a blog on tractor mounted spray for Moringa. Some of you had expressed interest in knowing more about the attachments. I received a few email queries as well, this post includes my direct responses for everyone's benefit.  In case you missed the video of the spray, you can access it here .

The attachments for the spraying system are few and easy to work with. The tractor mounted pump is attached at the back of driver's seat. There is an input hose that connects the spray drum to the pump. Additionally, there are 2 output hoses that connect the pump to the spray guns and lastly you have the spray guns.

This is a view of the 2HP pump that is powered by our mini-tractor PTO (Power Take-Off). There is one inlet holes at the bottom that connects to the drum by the red hose below. Additionally, there are 2 outlets with small valves to control the pressure and operation. The screw at top left is instrumental in adjusting the pump pressure.

The lever below is the pressure screw that is used during transit time (when the tractor is running but spraying is not required). Lifting the lever results in activation of 'bypass' i.e. medicinal concoction is pumped back into the tank and not into the spray hoses. The hole at the bottom of lever is for the bypass hose.

This is the inlet hose that connects the storage tank to the pump. The circular disc is a filter to screen out impurities getting into the pump.

These are heavy duty outlet pipes which carry pressurized spray solution. We decided to use the 50m hoses since our plots can be fairly deep and away from motorable roads.
- Wrapping method shown here is not best practice! :) 

Lastly, the hand held spray gun which delivers the solution to the plant. Pressure in these spray guns can be adjusted by the cylindrical handles on the left. We have generic spray guns but I have seen more sophisticated spray guns with multiple spray adjustments harness features.

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  1. fitting of your pump is not right you need just 2 hp to run this type of pump .you can install 4inch pulley on pump and 8 inch on tractor PTO . this setup will bring tractor RPM to low as 800 rpm ,this will save fuel. I run this pump on my NEW holland 3630 in the setup above and is running fine for three years. amandeep gill; bathinda; punjab