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Monday, March 18, 2013

Processing CO4 fodder for Goats & Sheep

After much delay, we were able to procure the chaff cutter machine last month. CO4 fodder which was screaming to be harvested finally saw the light of day of being chopped and processed.

The machine comes with a 2 hp motor and is available from Agri Engineering dept under subsidy. There is approx 50% subsidy available and the beneficiary pays about Rs 15000/-

While the stem of the fodder had become yellow and hard, it was chopped up and mixed with sheep manure. Eventually, we should get some good decomposed manure in a few months. Using the chopped material as a mulch was considered, but a couple of horticulture experts warned us about the risk of attracting termites.

I had posted a blog on the diet of goats and sheep a few weeks back. In case you missed it, you can find it here

Green fodder is chopped separately and the sheep seem to enjoy the taste of their new food.

CO4 fodder was harvested manually and will the bush cutter.

Part of the process was to finely chop the stalk for compost processing. Usually, we would try to use the fresh, succulent stem as part of animal fodder as well.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Have you considered Dairy? If yes, why did you prefer goatery over dairy. I am thinking about doing dairy starting with 20 HF. Economics are not so great. Just wanted your opinion if you researched dairy. Thanks.

  2. I did not do in depth research in dairy, nut I believe it is very labor intensive. I am told marketing is not a problem, however with dwindling labor availability, one needs to look into the project feasibility.

  3. You could hand tried grass cutter and binder see below link