Monday, March 11, 2013

Musings : Farm Innovations, Emus and Farmer Consortiums

In this digital age, information is everywhere and sometimes there is too much to comprehend. Here are a few of my musings and tidbits of information that I discovered recently and found interesting so decided to share.

Frugal Innovations from Haryana : This was an interesting feature on an Indian farmer done by BBC. The innovation came in the form of a machine developed by the farmer to extract Aloe Vera jelly. Aloe Vera is an attractive option for many since it grows well in marginal lands. Problem with marginal areas is that they often have marginal infrastructure and resources as well. The issue is exacerbated since Aloe Vera jelly extraction process is a time sensitive given harvested leaves spoil within hours. Our enterprising farmer has developed machine(s) which allow him to extract jelly quickly, preserve and process it. Happy to see he has seen some success and even exported his machines to other countries!

Disenfranchisement of Emus :  Some of you will remember the Emu farming craze that swept the agri-community about 2 years ago. The forums were ablaze with how lucrative Emu farming can be. There were dozens of 'suppliers' touting Emu eggs and chicks on every online forum. However, there was a distinct lack of information on Emu consumption. Some folks did inquire but received little information on how & where to sell Emu products. Fast forward 2 years, Emu farms are now in dismal state across the country. There is very limited domestic demand for Emu products in India and international markets are no better. I cannot help but think of the proverbial 'told-you-so' when discussing this with my impacted agri-prenuer friends. It is unfortunate that hard-earned money was lost and now we have starving birds dying a slow death in numerous farms.

Farmer-Producer Organization Support in India : It was a welcome change when I recently read about the central govt. policy which promises tangible benefits to the farmer-producer community. Essentially, the policy will enable Farmer-Producer Organizations (FPO) a.k.a farmer consortium, to available of cheap funding. The FPO will need to be a registered consortium meetings the eligibility criteria set forth. In addition, such consortiums will also receive tax breaks since their earnings are considered taxable. While such measures are progressive, I am still curious how many farmers have actually benefited from it. With the ball set in motion, I am hopeful that the govt. is keen to implement and socialize such policies as well and this is not just lip service!

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  1. Interesting information, can you please post more details about the aloe vera jelly extraction machine and farmer details

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  3. Interesting to know about latest farm technology.