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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Melia Dubia - Proving the concept!

Last October, we went to Coimbatore Agri Fair and picked up four Melia Dubia saplings. Before planting it in big volume, we wanted to do a trial in our own garden.

The trials were done in worst case scenario. We watered them once in two days and gave no additional nutrients or fertilizers. The only source of Urea that was supplied was by my boxer, Buddy; who seemed to have  developed an affinity for the tree second from right. Overall, we were pleased with the growth, given that minimal inputs were given.

In approx. 9 months, trees have towered up to 15-16 ft.

This was taken at chest level height. I could just about hold all the way around.


  1. Hi

    It is interesting about Melia Dubia. I would like to know can we intercrop in coconut trees? If yes, which year of coconut is best? FYI: We will plant coconut in July


  2. I do not think it will work out with coconut since coconut will tend to spread after 4-5 years and Melia's growth could potentially be inhibited.
    If coconut is your main crop, you could use Melia as a boundary or a live fence..

  3. The saplings have really grown well. With minimal nutrition - this is great performance. Great prognosis for farm cultivation under a controlled environment..

  4. What are projections about returns one can expect from Melia Dubia plantation? Did you consider African mahogany plantation? I am given an overly optimistic picture about returns from African mahogany plantation.

  5. 10 to 15 cubic feet after 6 years is what is being projected. Of course, it is subject to soil, water and cliamatic conditions. I have no idea of African Mahogany. Do share info on it for the benefit of others as well.

  6. i have a weekend home in a gated comunity measuring 1000 sq yards in hyderabad india. do you think it is a good idea to plant malabar neem on the boundries. i am asking u as iam not sure how it may look. if the answer is yes what is the closest possible distance we can plant them as iam trying to block the view from outside

  7. techie2aggie thats a very good post about malabar neem.
    how much minimal capital would i need for cultivating malabar neem? is it profitable? please share your experience about cultivating malabar neem.