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Monday, June 20, 2011

The grass always seems to be greener on the other side of the FENCE..

Fencing the farm was a mega project in itself. We have fenced over 1500 m and we still have more to go. We were expecting the activity to take 4-5 weeks but fortunately we came across some folks who did a good job and completed it in 11-12 days.
Due to a rabbit menace and forest being one of the boundaries, we decided to go for chain linked fence rather than barbed wire. The former is more expensive but is more secure and easy to install. The roll below is 10 gauge (which is stronger and more expensive than 12 gauge)

Spanking new fence roll

Stone pillars were erected at a distance of 9-10 ft.

Stray wires are put on the pillars to provide support to the fencing roll.

Fencing in process..

A closer look..

Looks pretty neat to me..

Sometimes, cement mix is used at the base of the stone pillars for additional support and durability. This was not deemed essential since the soil is red and is quite compact and strong in itself. One and half feet holes were dug and was filled with gravel to make the poles sturdy.


2 poles @ Rs 160/pole placed at 10 ft.  ~ Rs 17/ft (11 stones * Rs 160 / 100 ft) Edited 23/6/11
100 ft long mesh roll (10 gauge ). Avg wt 60 Kg @ Rs 65/Kg ~ Rs 39/ft
Stray wires and support wires ~ Rs 5/ft
Labor - Rs 70 for a span of two stones ~ Rs 7/ft

Total - Rs 68/ft


  1. Did you need to fasten the wire fence into the ground as well? Rabbits, rodents, etc may burrow under the fence and enter your cultivated area...

  2. Siva,
    That is a good point. I have asked several people and according to them, rabbits do not typically eat mango and melia dubia tender leaves.. Last resort would be to implement U hooks on the ground surface level..

  3. Thanks for Regular updates

  4. Nice writeup. I hope you don't mind the information being quoted here: Farm Fencing

    A question though - if you have a pole every 10 feet, should you not consider the cost of one pole for 10 feet at Rs. 160 (than 320) effectively making the pole cost Rs. 16/ft?


  5. Chandra,
    Sure, you can share the info on your site..
    You are right, except it will be slightly more than 16/ft.. For instance, for a 100 ft span there will be 11 poles and not 10 poles. So avg, would be 11*160/100 = Rs 17.6/ft. It should also be noted that support stones are taken into consideration, which are places every 8-10 stones based on topography..

    Thanks for pointing this out..

  6. Great, thanks. It is interesting to note the difference between barbed wire and chain link does not seem much! Some other estimates I had on the forum suggested Rs. 250-300 per running foot for chain link.

  7. Hi,

    Please can you send me your telephone number?


  8. Hi,
    I have been trying to set the accounting part clear on my similar project. Your experience and details posted are very useful for me in terms of being more accountable.

  9. Chandra -
    250-300 per foot seems to be exorbitant. It depends on the quality of stones as well. It can go as high as 500-600 per pole (for a neatly cut pole).

    Brijesh - You can reach me at 94450 76595

    Kiran - Glad you found this helpful. Good luck with your venture..

  10. Hi,
    thanks for posting the details .It is useful for those who will be getting into this in the future like myself. What is the height of the chain link?Looks to be about 4 feet?

  11. iam interested in installing the chain link in my terrace. could u plz give the contact details from where u purchased

  12. The mfg I purchased from is in Melur TN. Where are you located? If you not close to Madurai, I would suggest finding a local mfg near your area. It will be cheaper!

  13. Great information guys, I appreciate this, I am planning to buy a land in near future.

    1. Thanks. Do update us with your activities as well when you get started.

  14. Really all this is great information for anyone who is planning to do fencing....cheers...

  15. Dear Techie2aggie,

    Great information sharing .Thank you

  16. Hi,

    Great information as usual. Thanks...

    I am working out the cost of fencing part of my farm using chain link fence. With the 10 feet span has any sag developed in chain link over the time? I am getting advice to go for 5 feet spacing to avoid the sagging. I would like to go for larger span if possible to reduce the number of L section steel poles. Stone poles are not an option unfortunately.


  17. 5 ft will turn out to be very expensive. 10 ft has worked well so far. Ensure the mesh is stretched tight during fencing..

  18. Dear sir,
    would begrateful if you give me the following info.
    1. The height of the mesh
    2. thick ness 2" or 2.5"
    3. Brand of the material
    I checked here in Bangalore. The quote Rs.21+taxes per SqFt for TATA brand - 5ft/2"/10Gauze. This works out to be Rs. 105+taxes for mesh itself.

  19. Height is 5 ft, mesh used is 2.5". Unbranded.

    100 ft long mesh roll (10 gauge ). Avg wt 60 Kg @ Rs 65/Kg ~ Rs 39/ft

  20. Dear sir,
    My farm is in the border of karnataka and Andhrapradesh. (150 km from Bangalore).
    Would you suggest a reliable manufacturer/dealer for CHain link mesh.


  21. Really useful information in the blog post and the comments. Thanks a lot.

  22. Hi There!
    I have to fence 400 running feet on my farm .... I have a wild boar menace who dig up the ground under regular fence. Which is why i have been suggested a chain link fence with 1.5 feet of cement and boulder plinth. the contractor says that the plinth has to be 1.5 feet deep in the ground as well so that the boars do not dig under it. would be nice if you can give me an idea as to how much cost i can expect ?

  23. First of all, Thanks a Ton for sharing such great & detailed info !
    I've been following your posts here / at Farmnest and have ended up setting my own farm near Jabalpur, myself been a techie as well :)
    I have few questions here :
    1. In my rea, cement poles (each costing Rs. 160-170/-) are preferred over stone pillars. How would you rate this option ?
    2. How do you fix Stray wire & chain link fence on the stone pillar, as its solid ?
    3. How difficult/ easy its to remove chain link from the stone pillars ? I'm worried from intentional human attack more than from animals.
    Hope you're doing great and are still monitoring this. Thanks in advance !!!

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