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Sunday, May 8, 2011

'Life line Express' comissioned..

After obtaining the EB connection in mid March, it was time to erect our 2 borewells with appropriate pumps. Water endurance testing was done for over 10 hours to ensure continuous water supply for a given depth and at the end of the exercise, we decided to erect the pump at 130 ft. If the water dries up in future, we can go lower by about another 50-70 ft (before we hit the end of casing pipes)

Getting the setup ready before the testing commenced.

Continuous monitoring of water yield was performed to ensure water potential was not depleting at a given depth.

We tested for over 10 hours and we were satisfied with 275 LPM (Litres per minute) yield.
It was ensured that the water flowing into the channel (as seen in the pic) did not go waste - with high moisture in the channel, we took up the task to deepen the channel for effective rain water management.

Borewell team poses with a Texmo 5 HP 8 stage submersible pump - model TRS 4508S

Borewell crew inserts the first 2" UPVC pipe. A total of 13 pipes were used.

'Liquid abundance'


Texmo 5 HP 8 stage submersible pump - model TRS 4508S - Rs 24164
2" UPVC Pipes (13 nos @ Rs 591 each)                             - Rs 7683
2" adaptor                                                                         - Rs 529
2" borewell clamp (heavy - 2nos @ Rs 529 each)                  - Rs 1058
Misc hardware (ropes, tape, bore cover, coupling)                 - Rs 1820

Total                                                                                 - Rs 35254 + 4% VAT


  1. Hello,
    Am following your blogs regularly and find them interesting and informative. Do keep up hte good work!

    I have one question on your use of ground water thro' bore well. How are you making sure that you will have sufficient water round the year for your big project of 50 acres(as I understand)? What combination of crops / fruits u plan for this? Can you please throw some light on calculation you did for this? What inputs you had to know the quantity of ground water availability and from where?

    Best of luck and take care,

    Dileep Khobare

  2. For 50 acres, you need to have 4-6 borwells, based on water reqt of the crop.
    Unfortunately, there is no real accurate way of figuring out when to stop digging the bore. It is basically based on the exp. of the people digging it. However, you need to penetrate through the 'hard rock' zone. The borewell crew should be able to tell you when you hit it...You can also ask local people for avg depth - that will give you an estimation for your digging. My crops are a mix of horticulture and timber.

  3. Kudos to your blog. What a great insight along with pics!!
    Actually, we have dug 3 borewells and planning to test the actual outflow of water (to purchase what HP and how many stages)
    My question is, why should the test run happen for 10 Hours? What is the determining factor for "How many inches of water your bore is fetching"? Again, Pl give consenses based on LPM if it is determining factor.

    Best Regards,