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Monday, May 2, 2011

Blog subscription..

It is very encouraging to see a significant increase in viewership over the last couple of months. We appreciate your comments, queries and support.
In response to some of the queries, I would like to inform that blog subscription is absolutely FREE! Subscribing to my blog is very simple - you just have to type your email ID in Subscribe! box on the bottom right side of the blog page. A confirmation email will be sent and you have to click on an activation link to follow us.

I hope to see you some more blog followers in the coming days. Happy blog reading! 



  1. Would you be able to share the thought process of selecting the plants / fruit trees etc so that others can learn from it?

  2. Renga -
    Welcome aboard! Looks like your profile is in 'hidden' mode since I do not see you in my blog followers list. You may need to change your default settings to 'public'. Nonetheless, thanks for subscribing and happy blog-reading!

    Anonymous -
    For Mango, I shortlisted between Himampasand and Alphonso which are popular table fruits and command good rates in the market. For banana, I chose Jain irrigation Tissue Culture banana. I have visited their facilities and seen multiple private farms in my area. I was impressed with the bunch size I saw.
    For Melia dubia, I bought some saplings from a nursery in Erode last year and planted in my garden. After 6 months, with minimal water (and no manure), the trees are already 10+ feet.

    The take away is that you need to visit and choose estb nurseries and check out their client's farms. It will also be helpful to talk to as many progressive farmers as possible. You should also spread your risk by choosing multiple suppliers.

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to mail me at saverafarms@gmail.com

  3. Hi,

    I'm sorry, I not well exposed to blogger world. I just used my gmail account to subscribe and follow.

  4. hey hi Johri!! first of all gr8 pics bro...i can now visualize the ground zero...specially liked the idea of rain water harvesting and the way it has been effectively channelized. Do keep putting up the recent developments over the place and ya..dont miss on the gr8 pics...look forward to read more about the new small projects being implemented and surely long for a pit stop at your lovely aboard....kudos!!

  5. Hi Vivek, Thanks for the compliments. Do subscribe to my blog to stay tuned to the developments.. :)