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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When the rubber hits the road..

After several months of administrative, environmental and other miscellaneous delays, land improvement at Savera Farms finally started on Dec 27th 2010. The generous monsoon rains of 2010 was welcomed by most but it made any kind of land development impossible.
Land improvement comprised of 3 activities -
First, bushes and rocks are removed by JCB. Second component is to use disc plough to unearth the soil in order to solarize it. Third component is to use 9 fingers implement to capture big stones and weeds that may have been left after bush clearing and rock removal.
Some pics of the farm before land improvement..

One of the water channels that borders our land

View from the entrance

And then the JCBs rolled in to do some serious clean up! 
Good ole' JCB drivers - Ramakrishna and Murugan

JCB - Destroys pretty much everything on its way

..And that's me 'keping'em honest'....

JCB spearheading the attack on thorny and unwieldy bushes

It is lunch time under the big machine to escape the blistering heat!!

Taming some more wild

Mission Accomplished...

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