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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

...And now we have roads!

Who says you need a Civil Engineer to make roads??
One tape, a couple of yellow rods, three people and 4 wooden sticks is what we needed...its that simple!!
 Our final destination for road marking...
 JCB carving out a road from the markings we made..the drive is a whole lot smoother now

Finally, the main road is "Bolero Friendly". Now we should not get stuck in soft patches as much!

A couple of weeks later, we constructed our 10 feet cross road..We'll call this intersection Savera crossing

View of the winding road splitting the farm into approx. equal parts. Now we have one 20 feet main road, 10 feet cross road and a perimeter road around the farm for easy access.


  1. What would be the most cost effective and durable choice for the road surface? I would think you have at least a few kilometers of road so tar or black top would be too expensive...

  2. Tar is too expensive. Our main road itself is 600m so far and when we start phase 2, it will be around 1.5Km.
    We are going to put stones, red mud and stone ash to make it compact and durable.

  3. Hi,

    what kind of plant u r growing for biomass


  4. We plan to cultivate Melia Dubia. It can be a steady, hassle free and lucrative source of biomass. Additional info on Melia Dubia is listed in the 'Useful Info' section of the blog.

  5. Hi,

    Do u use Tiber of Melia Dubia to heat the water to run the steam turbine to produce? This one is not env friendly right pls explain.


  6. We will be using Timber for gasification. It is a carbon neutral process hence considered renewable and green.
    The take-away out here is that it does not emit any more CO2 that it absorbs in its life cycle..Hence carbon neutral!