Friday, November 28, 2014

Rains are here !!

After a couple of years of little or insignificant monsoon, Sivagangai and Tamil Nadu alike received a good dose of retreating monsoon rain. There is greenery everywhere. With the rains come the weeds that often become difficult to control. 

All the village tanks, some of them as big as 20-30 acres are filled to the top. Farmers in the neighbouring villages are hoping for a bumper yield after a drought like condition for over 3 years. 

While we were delighted that plants were healthy and green, excessive weeds around them was becoming a deterrent to enter the plots. Once the rains decreased in mid Novemember, a round of rotavator was done to incorporate the weeds into the soil. 

Weeds after monsoon rains

After a round of rotavator
After manual deweeding

Water harvesting structure

Mango plot

CO4 plot



  2. My simplest suggestion to Vitalize Water for your agricultural purposes is to use Duct Tape and strap on to your pipe 4 Bar Magnets with all of them having their South Pole facing the axis of Pipe. They will tend to repel a lot and you need to use good Duct Tape. Then keep adding magnets layer by layer. The more Layers the greater the Magnetic Field. After adding about 10 Magnets the force of repulsion would be so strong that the Tape would threaten to fail. The structure would resemble a Cross around the Pipe. Carefully measure the gap between the crosses and have 4 wooden wedges made and wedge into place and wrap the whole thing again. Happy harvesting!