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Monday, May 26, 2014

Rainfall Trends at Sivaganga

Last August, we started recording rainfall at the Savera Farms. Although the monsoon has been truant for the last 2 years, nonetheless our records should be a good indicator of rainfall trends in the years to come. For those who are unaware, much of Tamil Nadu and this part of the country receives the Winter monsoons starting in November

In August 2013, we had 6 occurrences, primarily light showers between 2 to 4 mm. September was a shade better with 6 rain days with a maximum of 8 mm on one occasion. In October, we had 9 instances of drizzle to showers. Unfortunately, the quantum of rain was not sufficient for that time of the year. While in Novemeber, 11 days of showers were recorded, of which 7 days were consecutive. 14 days of light showers were experienced in December as well with a maximum of 25 mm of heavy rains recorded overnight.

As we progressed into 2014, there were a couple of days of light showers in January as well. It is interesting to note that there were occurrences of drizzle from February through April, a few days each month, maybe to due to climatic changes or the much touted El Nino effect. We saw some decent showers in May with the onset of South west Monsoons, a total of 10 days and 98 mm which was healthy for our horticulture crops.

June was indeed the driest month in the entire year with no rain, soaring temperature and rising electric bill throughout the state. During July, we have recorded decent rains with 48 mm. Aug 2014 has been better than last year with 70 mm of rain spread over a a few spells of mutliple days each. While the meteorology department is predicting a below average monsoon this year, we just hope that the rain gods would be kinder to Sivaganga and our favorable trend for 2014 continues!


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  4. For such low level of rainfall there needs to be tremendous increase of rainwater harvesting methods like creating deep ponds and stepwells like this: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ee/ChandBaori.jpg. Dont even depend upon the govt.