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Friday, April 4, 2014

Pomegranate cultivation - Yay or Nay...

We have been mulling over the idea of planting a couple of acres of Pomegranate as a pilot this year. Just wanted to touch base with the blog followers if they or somebody else they know is knowledgeable about cultivation aspects of the crop.

There has been a sudden increase in cultivation, awareness and consumption in the last few years and may be it is a good time to jump into the 'pomegranate bandwagon'. Although Maharashtra is a leader in cultivation, TN is in top 5 states in India. There is limited information online, which makes it hard to research upon.

One of our followers is planning to plant this season. I would appreciate if others could share information as well.


  1. In andhra our relative culitivated this crop and his feed back is bad. There will be heavy virus attacks on this crops. If you are able to survive this then then you may get profits...

  2. Hi,
    A close friend of mine planted about 8 acres of pomegranate 2 years ago. His farm is close to the town of Bhongir - about 70 km from Hyderabad. He is expecting his first crop in a couple of months. I have seen recent pictures of the farm. The plants/trees are healthy, well grown and have quite a good number of fruits.

    It is a fact that pomegranate is a sensitive crop and requires close monitoring. However, the returns are quite good. I will be going to Hyderabad in a couple of weeks and will also be visiting his farm this month. I can then give you further feedback. I can also pass on his contact details if you want to directly interact with him.

    All good wishes,


    1. I would appreciate if you could pass on his contact details..Thanks!

    2. My friend's name is Raghavendra Rao. His contact number is 9441697995. You can take a reference to my name - Varghese John - when you talk to him. I will be reaching India on 20th July and will be meeting him and also visiting his farm.

  3. Pomegranate is cultivated by many farmers in Anantapur region.There is a series in telugu called Bhoomiputra where episode will focus on a particular farmer.I have been procuring the information in an excel file and you can have look at it to find a couple of pomegranate farmers in that file..... http://ethnicacres.wordpress.com/favourites/newspaper-columns/

    and also subash palekar also procured all the information and assembled it into a document.That may also sound interesting for u....http://palekarzerobudgetspiritualfarming.org/PDF/Model_farmers_adress.pdf

  4. I am growing pomegranate since 7 years..(techie turned Aggie). I suggest not to go for any commercial nursery for saplings.. visit any good orchard and from their you can procure healthy ones.. healthy plants are key to success in pomegranate farming

    . regards
    Shankar reddy
    Raichur .Karnataka.

    1. Thanks..What variety would you recommend ? Are Tissue Culture saplings good ?