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Friday, July 29, 2016

Efficacy of Shadenet to control Algae

Some of you had mailed me regarding the efficacy of the Shadenet over SST. Algae formation was a major problem we were experiencing in our tank, especially during the peak of summer. The situation became quite critical last year - Pictures before shadenet

Using some local ingenuity, we started working towards a potential solution that could at least control the problem, if not eliminate it - Shadenet over SST

It has been about 5 months and we are happy to note that we have not had the need to clean the tank yet. Algae build up has started in the last few weeks but is greatly reduced. Earlier, we had to clean the tank almost every 4-6 weeks during the hot months.

In conclusion, Shadenet was indeed useful in mitigating algae to a large extent. Only one word of caution - with 1600 sq ft of Shadenet material resting on metal wires, it does get quite heavy (especially after a rain or so). Ensure there is good support on the sides and proper reinforcement is available to avoid falling of metal pillars.

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