Saturday, January 4, 2014

Best wishes for a great 2014!

As the past year fades away, we wish for our friends, supporters and partners-in-passion a new year which brings with it new hope and greater resolve. May 2014 be another year when each of us grows in our pursuits, reach great heights and accomplish the goals which escaped us in the year past.

For us 2013 was a year when Techie2Aggie blossomed as a channel for Savera Farms to seek collaborators, connect with future partners and establish a meaningful trade networks. We knew that our readers are often from locations far, far away from Sivagangai and even India. A few days, before new years day, we sat down to look at our Cluster Map for 2013 and were fascinated by the expanse of nations which had visited Techie2Aggie. Appreciating the power and reach of internet was never more tangible for us.

To everyone who has been an active participant on this blog, we thank you. We always look for community engagement and reader feedback to our postings. Many of you respond with great questions and hopefully we were able to answer a few of them. Some of you provided us practical advice and guided us towards better operations, again we appreciate the engagement and support.

Let's keep it going for the 5th year in a row!


  1. Hello Mr. Johri:

    A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to You too. I came across your blog around two weeks back. I have gone through all your posts. It is a superb collection of your activities and I applaud your willingness to share the knowledge with one and all. I too have been planning to enter into agri business for the past couple of years and I will definitely take a plunge this year. I would like to be in touch with you and will contact you soon.


  2. Wish you also a very happy New Year! All good wishes for a wonderful year ahead - filled with good health, happiness, success, contentment and new experiences!

    Interesting to note the cluster map. I see that there are 7 visitors from Antwerp, Belgium. It is good to know that there are others interested in your blog as well as agriculture.



  3. Mr Johri even with Shade net you will have algae growth. You may be better off using SRF Black out fabric as a pool cover. Create a bamboo frame to the inner dimensions of the tanks.Using Copper wire make hooks wrapped at regular intervals of say 600mm. Buy some SRF black out fabric and have eyelets ( commonly available only make sure they are of brass) riveted to the fabric( matching the hooks) and fit them The cover will float up and down with varying water levels and totally cut out the sun rendering the water free of any growth. SRF factory is just outside Trichy.

  4. Jon - Thanks for the tip. We may try out SRF black out fabric in our other tanks. Would you have any clue of the cost off hand?

  5. I wish you happy new year and wish you continued success with your farming activities. thank you for the continued commitment to share information.