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Monday, November 11, 2013

Calling Mango Producers : Remove middlemen, sell to Savera Farms!

The summer of 2014 will herald the first season of Mangoes at Savera Farms. Given this is our first season and our plantation is still largely juvenile, we are not expecting a heavy yield but we are still excited. With close to 9,000 trees between our ultra-high density (UHD) and regular plantations, even the initial lower yields should result in several tonnes of fruit. Apart from readiness tasks around harvesting, a successful operation will require several time bound priorities post fruit picking and during distribution. A few such activities are listed below. For those looking to read up, here are a few public domain publications from Mexican and Filipino Mango producers.
  • Initial Fruit Inspections
  • Setup of Packaging house
  • Fruit washing, sizing and labeling
  • Hot-water / post water treatment
  • Ripening
  • Packing line
  • Package design and sourcing
  • Storage rooms
  • Audit & record keeping
Each of these activities can become an operation in itself depending on processed volumes. Developing competency in these processes becomes critical if the goal is to attain high volumes and high margins. At the end of the day, each producer has to consider investing in these tasks based on their go-to-market channels and expected revenue.
At Savera Farms, premium Mango varieties include Imampasand, Alphonso and Bnaganpalli which are a mix of shy and heavy bearers. We have been fervently working to develop our go-to-market channels and direct (volume) customers. We also look at this as an opportunity to develop relationships with other Mango orchards and producers. If any producers have a mature Mango orchards and are looking for an alternative channel to sell their fruits, please contact us! Our preferred fruit procurement area is around Madurai, Chennai and Trichy but we would be happy to work with producers from other areas as well. Remove multiple layers of brokers, agents and middlemen who want to profit at the expense of the farmer-producer.

At Savera Farms, we look for long term purchase contracts and strongly prefer to work with direct producers and orchard owners. There are several opportunities and we are looking to team up with enthusiastic, motivated agri-preneurs who can become reliable suppliers. Contact us!

Disclaimer : Pictures are for reference and from public domain


  1. Hi friend,
    Hear also we face same problem, Brokers of Mandi charged 10 % for auction from us for mangoes. Its totally unfair. Government rule is to collect commission from buyers but although they collect commission from us.

  2. we have a 10 acer mango farm in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. will contact you on this for this season.

    1. Kindly contact us by email - info@saverafarms.com . What varieties are you cultivating ?

  3. Superb man.!! It is a Good initiative. - Bala.

  4. This will be really a good help for local farmers. Periyakulam has 100's of acres mango trees (more than 25 years old). I will convey this message to the local guys.
    Good luck and God bless.

  5. Fantastic! Kindly keep us updated if there are farmers over there who would be interested in working with us.

  6. Techie,
    Do you use drones for your agri operations? Or do you know anybody who does?

    Pls refer this article ..... http://www.forbes.com/sites/rakeshsharma/2013/11/26/growing-the-use-of-drones-in-agriculture/

    Since you have USA connections, could you find out about this?

    Kishore Abhw

    1. We try to be scientific in our ops, however drones would be a little too much for us to handle :)

  7. This is a great move....good luck.....

  8. Great work!! You have done great work. Please have a look at the way Japanese grow Mangoes in Greenhouses. They branch the tree almost from ground level. If you do that you could plant 3 feet X 6 feet and start producing from second year.Weeding is a big issue, I have no answer to it. The Jain technique was learned from S. Africa where emphasis is for quantity is over quality. Japan is quality over quantity. Please use Pheromone traps at the time of flowering until harvest is over only then you can have reasonable control over fruit fly.
    Bagging would be ideal. Bird control can be by use of 4-Aminopyridine.

    1. Thanks for the info. Would 4-Aminopyridine control peackcoks as well ? How do you apply it ?

    2. Please search the net and you will have your answer. It is applicable to all vertebrates.

  9. I have a 20 acre Alfonso rchard near Achara [Devgad taluk].
    If you send me your email id, i can email you pictures taken yesterday.
    I have 1000 Alfonso trees and 200 dwarf coconut trees in this estate.

    Additional facilites are.. first class caretaker's cottage with attached toilet, electricity, and dish antenna.

    Drip irrigation

    Open well

    Pucca boundary wall

    I wish to enter into an agreement with you to give this orcahrd on lon g term lease.
    My name: Ranjan Maloo/ mobile 9822658668

  10. I am Shahul Umar and share a similar background as you professionally and am also into farming in Mettupalayam , near Coimbatore.

    We have about about 12 acres of Alphonso mango planted in our farm. This year we have seen some decent yields but have the usual issues in marketing the same . We still have some fruits remaining to be harvested . Will you be able to market/ procure the same from us ? Please let me know.

    Thank you

    M + 60 104010820
    + 91 9442081001