Monday, August 5, 2013

Goat Feed and Concentrate

This posting is in response to the reader queries around feeding. In regards to the composition of feed, we are currently trying out a few things. Based on my research thus far and discussions with other herd owners, there is no clear consensus on the perfect formula. The general guidance however was based on availability and economics of the feed. 

Fortunately, there is a large wholesale market in Madurai which is helpful to procure grains. Currently we are providing an average of 250 gm of concentrate per goat, devided over two daily feedings.

Our current concentrate comprises of Maize powder, Rice bran, Wheat bran, red Gram powder and Groundnut oil cake. A pinch of salt and chelated mineral mix is mixed in the feeding bowl as well.

Additionally, 2-3 Kgs of green fodder comprising of CO4 and Agathi (or Subabul) is given per day per goat. The general rule of thumb is that green fodder given per day should be 10% of body weight.

Bowls are sorted by color for easy preparation to ensure all ingredigents are included. 

So far the goats relish the feed and none is wasted

Agathi leaves provide much needed vitamins and are supposedly helpful with digestion.

Mineral licks are attached to the stalls for easy access.

Looking forward to hearing back from the community on additional tips and feeding practices!


  1. You can add cotton seed source of protein and economical also...

  2. What is the approx cost per KG of concentrate feed that you are preparing working out? Can u share that?

  3. Feed rate ranges from Rs 10 - 40 per kg. Depending on your formula, the eventual cost will vary, however, you should try to be in Rs 5-6 per goat per day range.

  4. Just wondering why do you need concentrate feed. One obvious reason would be weight gain. Why not just the fodder like some organic farms do in US.

    1. Fresh green fodder does not provide the required vitamins and proteins. Most US farms also feed 'concentrate' but it is usually sprinkled in powder form on top of green fodder.

    2. How does the grass only cows in US being raised? They say organic cows here only graze grass and naturally grown cover crops.

      Agathi has high protein, Azolla has high protein content, Alfafa has high proteins. these fodders should also provide essential vitamins.

      5-6 rupee for one goat should cost you around 1200rs for 200 days.

      I am asking what other ways to reduce this cost by raising the feed in the farm itself and not getting anything from outside.

    3. In addition to Agathi and Azolla, grow Bajra, Maize, Jowar as supplements. Prepare your own silage. You will not need additional feed, apart from things like mineral licks, etc.