Monday, July 8, 2013

Savera Farms @ Dina-Malar

It was a lazy Sunday morning when the phone started ringing as early as 6 am. It took me a few minutes to realize that Savera Farms had just been featured on Dina-Malar, a popular Tamil news paper. The publication had caught me off-guard given several weeks had passed since the afternoon I had spent with the Dina-Malar journalist. During my interview we chatted about my decision to come back to India and particularly about my motivation around agriculture. It was a pleasant experience and I had provided my perspective on what it takes to be a serious agri-preneur.

Over the course of the day, July 14th, the response to the article was even more interesting. There were folks reaching out expressing interest in our activities. Others wished me well and offered to help with assorted goods & services. There was even someone, based overseas, who wanted to invest in Savera Farms! :) With over 120 calls and text messages, needless to say the day was a little overwhelming.

However, the irony of the situation is that my less-than-perfect Tamil has prevented me from reading the article. If anyone would take a few moments to para-phrase the article, I would certainly appreciate it! Until then, I will try to respond to as many inquires as possible and extend my appreciation to Dina-Malar for their interest in Savera Farms.

Article Links : ePaperPDF


  1. Johri

    Did you get any Tamil translation.


  2. Congrats Johri! Keep Going !!


  3. Congrats Mr.Johri its indeed another feather to your cap

  4. congradulations Mr.Jhori.........

    thanks for sharing your farm activities...