Friday, June 14, 2013

On What-if Regrets and Internet Marketing

Being on the plantation most days of the months, gives me a chance to reflect on life, the journey so far and plans for the future - not just for Savera Farms but at a personal level as well. We started developing Savera Farms a few years ago, since then we have made significant progress and learned a lot! With that said, I have come to rely that agriculture (Indian or otherwise) shall provide several moments of joy, despair and ambivalence. I mention 'Indian' only because I know several of you recognize the challenges and ground realities of  Indian bureaucracy, legal systems, social pressures, etc. I hope not to discourage any newbies but setting the right expectations and attitude goes a long way here. We have a mixed bag of accomplishments and bumps any week of the year but I can certainly vouch for two things. I will never have to regret the what-if scenario since I am living my passion and busy trying to realize my dreams. Next, because I believe in what I am doing I am filled with optimism for the future, feel empowered to chart my own course and truly enjoy interacting with those who have similar experiences and advice to share.

Talking about the future, I discovered this illustration which seems to be a fitting tribute to 'those who dare'. Opportunity is knocking at our doorsteps everyday, it presents itself at times of triumph and despair. Sometime we consciously grab it with both arms and there are other times we are blinded by own judgements not to recognize the potential of something staring right at us. Whatever the scenario, it is universally true that fortune favors the fearless! Here are a few, very apt quotes.

Flaming enthusiasm, backed by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success. - Dale Carnegie

Nothing is work unless you'd rather be doing something else. - George Halas

Switching gears from philosophy to reality, I also wanted to share the following digital marketing roadmap. Though the illustration presents a tree but for an operation like us, effective marketing is definitely about taking the right steps and starting the journey. Looking at the options available today, we realize that we have barely started down the go-to-market path. Coming for a techie background, I certainly get the significance of these digital levers and potential sales channels. Often you, the readers, provide trade information which can be very useful as well. There was a recent comment about Small Farmer’s Agri-Business Consortium ( which provides marketing assistance, something we shall consider seriously - thanks for the tip, Jagdish!

Well, these were my thoughts on this balmy evening. I hope many of you will follow your passions and realize your dreams.  Be sure to come back here and tell us your story, until then keep at it! 

Nine out of ten businesses fail; so I came up with a foolproof plan : create ten businesses. – Robert Kiyosaki

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  1. My dear brave friend,

    this is what we all farm enthusiastic, awaited to hear feed backs. Now it helps to set correct, expectations and more refining the path to accomplish our dreams. As you rightly said, opportunities are every where, it is just in corporate or IT job, rather every where but after certain time and confident to face the wave then just follow our passions with 100% sincerity and dedication, results will automatically follow. You are the living legend proving it.

    you are always inspirations, encouragement for those dream to venture in to farming. and also your willingness to share your success, failures, plans, and not that every moment a special thanks and gratitude for your that willingness.

    hope we would meet in couple of months and I can get an opportunity to get more learning from you as a continues process

    with best wishes
    rajan mathew

  2. correct lins "it is just NOT in corporate o

  3. Dear Kaustubh,

    Though, there are many entrepreneurs in this realm, not all of them are ready to share their knowledge, either they are not sure about their finding or do not want to reveal their hard earned knowledge.

    We could see that you approach everything with confidence and adroitness.And your blogs are certainly a reliable point of reference for many of the part timers like me.You will reap the benefits in the future :-).
    All the best, you are just scripting the pages of a famous auto biography.

  4. Doing what we believe is always a joy. Happy farming.