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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Deweeding by Brush cutter

As part of our efforts to mechanize farm operations, brush cutter is another implement which we have added recently to our growing list of machines.
The machine marketed by Oleo mac is a very handy tool to keep the weeds under control in areas of intensive cultivation and is powered by petrol. In our experience so far, it consumes 1 litre in 1.5 to 2 hours (depending on thickness of weeds).

Brush cutter in action

Before pic..

After pic..

Currently, we are using the brush cutter in a couple of plots where fodder is being cultivated as an intercrop with mango. Deweeding by rotavator is impossible due to close spacing, as a result this machine works well. As an effort to reuse agri waste optimally, the weeds that have been cut will be used to mulch the mango plants.

If any of our followers use better, more efficient weed management methods, feel free to share the information.


  1. Great tool, what is the cost of this tool - Brush cutter? Is this of Honda company?

  2. Did not look like your staff member used any earplugs, please ask him to do so from next time for his own good.

    1. They can stuff cotton in the ears if they choose to. Or, better, wrap a towel around head (over ears). Thats what most pesticide power sprayers do in my area.

      As a side note: One would need ear plugs, goggles and gum boots to safely operate a brush cutter. But if we were to ask indian farmers to comply with OSHA safety norms, am sure the farmers would happily do so if they are paid US prices for their produce.

  3. Does Oleo Mac has Indian presence? Pl post website or contact info where you purchased from

  4. Thank you for sharing the information regarding brush cutters.This tool is very light weight powered by petrol and helps to keep the weeds under control.

  5. I liked your blog information.It's time to get in to the garden and start to cut and trim back the lawn and borders. It is all well and good getting down on your knees with the grass shears but there are better and quicker ways of accomplishing these tasks using lite weight brush cutter.

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