Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life in Sivaganga...is changing!

We have been been in Sivaganga for over a year and half already. While the first phase is in maintenance mode, we are gearing up for planting phase 2 in a month or so. It is amazing how time flies, and what is more amazing is how the sleepy town of Sivaganga has changed in the last one year.

For a town that has no decent hotels with western toilets (refer to my previous post http://techie2aggie.blogspot.in/2011/08/s-for-satisfaction.html ) and good family restaurants, an accelerated pace of commercial activity seems a little overwhelming. Sivaganga town was never meant to be the district headquarters. Sivaganga probably lists in the top five districts in TN for maximum number of rural expats due to decrease in agriculture and few job opportunities in the area. Moreover, it is probably the only district headquarter in the country where Amul butter has not yet crossed the "high barriers to entry". Yes, we get butter from Chennai or Madurai.

In the last one year, tar roads have been widened, smaller mud roads have been paved up with concrete, bus bays have been established, medians constructed in "downtown Sivaganga" , flood lights installed at the bus station (bright enough for a day-night game of cricket), streets have been lit up with CFC bulbs, power cuts have drastically reduced to a couple of hours from 7-8 hours (although the wind mills need to be credited for that), signals have been installed in a couple of main crossings with a timer in them (although they count down from 10 seconds)  and last but not the least a Super Market has emerged to satisfy all the household needs of Sivaganga-ites.

For a town where you did not get quality bread and more than 1 variety of daal (until the super store), this is a welcome change. The catalyst for change been none other than the government medical college that has opened up recently. With the college, commercial and construction activity has steeply increased in the past few months.

We hope sustainable and planned development continues here because there is a lot of room for that. Somebody said change is the only constant - that was not true here until recently. The sudden boom in the economic activity will definitely be a boon for the local populace.


  1. hello I dont agree with your statement - "1 variety of daal" You walk around to any provisional store u will find the things which you dont find other side..

    By the way it is sivagangai not sivaganga !

  2. The ones I have been to kept only channa dal, I did not see arahar, masoor, urad etc..

    Is it Madura or Madurai?
    According to http://www.tn.gov.in/district_statistics.html, the district is called Sivaganga..

  3. you will find it with local names . Let me know if you dont het answer afetr checking following.
    Thuvaramparupu ,UluthamParupu ,Paasi Parupu .Konda Kadalai .

    It is MADURAI .

  4. Good to see a positive feed back to my home town after a very long time.. but i feel still a lot to go. Changes are happening at very slow pace... whenever i get back there i do see the same town year after year with homes booming here and there..hope for the best....