Saturday, April 28, 2012

Communicating over Meebo messenger

It is great to see many of you are using the messenger to ask a quick question, get some advice on cultivation practices or just get some ideas from me to on how to utilize your fallow lands etc (Wow, I feel like a consultant already, however my feedback and advice shall always remain free!)

Unfortunately, I cannot attend to your queries sometimes and messages go unanswered. Feel free to mail me at I am usually pretty good about replying and you can expect to hear from me within 2-3 days.

Secondly, lots of agri related exhibitions/events scheduled this summer, do look up the events page for details.

Happy to note that people are interacting well on the site, so keep the questions, comments and observations flowing and delighted to note that we have crossed 50,000 views.


  1. Kaustubh - Appreciate your blog and willingness to share information. Please continue to do so.

  2. Always great to read your blog. keep up the good work.