Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Email Notifications for Subscribers

Periodically, Google will send me statistics around the readership of this blog. Recently I noticed that among the 220 or so subscribed readers, a large number do not receive email notifications when a blog is posted since their emails have not been verified after they signed up. Readers who had signed up in the past but not receiving email notifications, need to verify / confirm their emails. The simplest way would be to use the 'subscribe for updates' tool on the right panel. Subsequently, confirm your email using the system generated notification sent to you. Based on site data, I rendered these for fun.

On a closing note, I always look forward to hearing from the community. Readership has been steadily increasing and your feedback, comments keeps me motivated, thank you! Please continue the dialog or provide suggestions to improve this site and your experience with it. Several of you are in touch with me off-line, while a few even visited us at Savera Farms. Life at the farm is demanding but it always feels good to meet other Agri-prenuers or fellow Techie2Aggies! :))

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