Sunday, January 29, 2012

Organic Okra

We sowed a couple of beds (90 sq ft) of Okra in our shade net in the first week of December. About 20 kg of FYM, Vermicompost and coir pith manure was added at the time of sowing. Minimal attention was given to this since we were busy with other activities and this was being grown for in-house consumption. No insecticides or pesticides were sprayed and to my surprise the veggies have yielded well without any pest issues.

6 days old

At 25 days

 Flowering started at 35 days

First yield at 49 days..

This was a pleasant surprise given we do not plan to cultivate Okra at our farms. Hopefully some of you would want to consider Okra for commercial cultivation and share your experiences.

Fact sheet :

Crop Variety : Julie variety by Nirmal seeds (non-hybrid)
Total cultivated area :  45sq ft x 2 = 90 sq ft (approx 1/500th of an acre)

Cost of seeds : Rs 40 (100gm)
Labour / Bed prep cost : Rs 75 (@150/Man-day)
Cost of Initial manure : Rs 50 (20 Kg @ 2.5/Kg)
Cost of organic supplements : Rs 10

Total Cost = Rs 175

Seed Germination - 85 %                                    
Approx number of plants :  90                                  
Actual yield till date : 1 Kg (2-3 pickings per week)
For our test beds of 90 sq ft -
Expected total yeild : 8 Kg (vs 5 kg based on pulished yeild)
Approx market value : Rs 200 (@ Rs 15/Kg)
Estimated profit : Rs 25 (vs Rs 16 based on published yeild)

Published yeild info :


  1. hi!!!

    how about starting a bee farm in your will supplement income also a natural pollinator..research have owing bee farms have good yield and size and taste of veg/fruit also improves.

  2. Nice : Really Liked your effort :).

  3. I am a techie with 20 years in IT. got into agri now. Have grown brinjal and lady's finger in 1 acre. How and where do I sell them? Auction in APMC looks tough. Any other ideas?
    Keerthi, Bangalore