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Thursday, August 18, 2011

S for satisfaction!

When we zeroed down on our land in Sivaganga, we made several trips to the town. The district is also the constituency of the Indian Home Minister. Accommodation choices are limited in the town and during our visits we often lodged at Hotel Idhyam Towers. The rooms were above average with clean linen and working ACs – yes they did work indeed and were not just for show. The only downside was the Indian toilet. My father once asked the hotel proprietor, “ You have decent facilities but why are most of your toilets of Indian style? Most Indians have now become fairly westernized when it comes to toilet habits.”
The owner promptly replied,”Sir! It is all about satisfaction. Customers do not get the satisfaction in western toilets. “ Then in broken English he continues,”Full satisfaction in Indian toilets only!”
It was interesting to observe that one does not need to go to a B school to hear the ‘voice of customer’.

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