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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Learning new vocabulary!

The broker who represented the land we finally bought was an interesting person. He had fairly good command over English and made an earnest effort to speak in Hindi at times (more often than not he would make grammatical mistakes in Hindi), however the most fascinating aspect was the new words I learnt in his association.

During one of our trips together, we started discussing about Karunanidhi (Tamil Nadu Chief Minister) and his monogamous life. I inquired about his marital status since I had read he had more than 1 wife.
He replied “Recordically, (i.e On record) Karunanidhi has 2 wives but otherwise he has 3 wives”.

In another instance, we started talking about vast tracts of lands in and around Madurai and Virudhnagar districts that seemed fertile but were not being cultivated. He stated that majority of the lands in those districts were investment lands and were under litification (i.e litigation)

The first time we met, I inquired about the soil color of the land he represented. He replied the land has piyuuuure (pronounced  p-yoor) red soil.  I did not understand the first time, and then later I figured he wanted to accentuate on the purity of the soil.


  1. thanks for sharing your experiences.
    i would like to invest in land and develop the same for a post-retirement livelihood; since i do not have any pension.
    if you do not mind; can you please share with me the price of barren land that can be converted into forms.

    with prayers and best wishes for success and prosperity in all your endeavours,


  2. Thanks!
    Just sent a mail to you.