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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting the ENTRANCE strategy right

The area in front of our entrance is a narrow waterway channel which flows into a Peromboke (government) pond. In dry season this is not a problem but during the monsoons the channel is a a couple of feet under water which makes crossing very difficult.
Luckily, we have a Bolero that can "take on anything" but nonetheless a couple of pipes were needed to have a motorable access round the year.

Commercials :
2 Cement pipes (4 inch thickness, 8 feet long), Standard Pipe connector - Rs 4500
JCB excavator time (4 hours) - Rs 2200
Labor: 4

Total Time : 1/2 day
Total Cost : Rs 6700
Cost includes 50 Km round trip transportation

Our entrance starts from right side of the channel. A JCB was used to make the channel deeper to place the pipes parallel to the flow of water.

First pipe being placed at 3 feet depth from road level.

Second pipe was moved adjacent to the first one by a JCB via a rope. 
Second pipe taking position.

Workers sealing up the pipes and the connector with cement mix. Cement mix consisted of cement, sand, water and small pebbles to make the joint between the pipes strong.

Side view of the bridge. We still need to make walls on either side of the path for additional support.
For now, the ride is comfortable enough.

Another view of the entrance.
I am not sure what is max load it can take. However, we have tested its durability with a Borewell truck (70 tons)

The white mud on the side was dug out from wells by neighboring farmers at 30-40 feet.  We used it to our advantage since it proved to be a good binding material for the road.

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