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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moolchand Ka Bhooth (Moolchand’s Ghost)

In our year long search for the right land, we saw several lands that were worth considering, however on checking out the Encumbrance Certificates (EC),we found that there were double entries made by one Mr. Moolchand.

Rumor has it that he was a political benami (proxy) who acquired over 25,000 acres of land illegally back in early 90s. The fate of Mr. Moolchand is unknown – some people say he was eliminated by an opposing political party, others say he committed suicide after an income tax raid and burnt all land documents. We came across at least 10 lands that had the “Moolchand Entry”. Few months into our land search, the words almost became an adjective and that was the first question I used to ask the brokers, “Is this land a Moolchand Entry?” Most of the brokers were taken aback on hearing this question -wondering how we had discovered this GHOST.

It is unfortunate that vast tracts of lands are haunted by Moolchand’s ghost but there is hope. Thirty years from the date of double entry (next 10-12 years), Moolchand’s entry will no longer be binding and the land ECs will be clear. Maybe, I will buy my next 25000 acres of land then!


  1. This is quite typical that the 'ghost' owners are missing during the initial discussions. This leads to a lot of delay, miscommunication and unfortunately the deal sometimes falls through.

  2. Please explain how this is possible and what is a double entry