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In this page I will occasionally post pictures of interest, from the farms or anything relevant to our experiences..


  1. Hi , after spending a good time in advertising i am also into farmimg in Bihar.Would like to visit yours one day. here is likn to my farm


    1. Thanks for sharing the link. You are welcome to visit us. Do share your blog, if you have one, with the community and good luck with your endeavors!

  2. hi ,

    Your site is very good.and do some modifications if you dont mind.Go through this website u get more information.

    I am doing natural farming. i learned for this website.and also masunoba fukoka "one straw revolution"

    Its very good.

    I am here only to spread natural farming methods to most of the people.

    hope you also follow zero budget natural farming.

    i too want to visit your field.i am from Bangalore.


  3. That velvet cloth type beetle in Andhra Pradesh is called as" Arudra beetle" as it comes in that particular period of "Aarudra kaarthe" (season's name in Telugu). Mostly they will come out from ground during first showers of monsoons.

    Pink Nurseries
    Andhra Pradesh

  4. It is being used in Unani medicine. Fried with ghee and prepared medicine with some more: used for aphrodace purpose.

  5. that red coloured bug is called as mottai pappathi

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  7. can you advise weather kubota 2441 is good choise comparing mitshubushi mini tractor