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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Farmer Profile : Nalla Keerai (Good Greens!)

It's been a while since our last farmer profile. We highlight enterprising and entrepreneurial initiatives related to agri production or distribution under this section. Those of you who are recent joiners at Techie2Aggie might want to check out the labels on right for previous farmer profile postings. These profiles are always inspiring and at Savera Farms they definitely spur us into action.

Nalla Keerai (Good Greens) is a great example of a group of young agri-prenuers trying to bridge the debilitating  gap between farm and fork in India, all of this while propagating healthy eating! Currently, they are operating in and around Chennai but have plans to start operations near Madurai area in a couple of months. One of our blog followers is currently cultivating various greens in Arupkottai (near Madurai) and plans to collaborate with Nalla Keerai, making it a win - win collaboration from producer - consumer perspective. Great way stay local and support local.

Feel free to post comments if you'd like to get more details on the Arupkottai operations. Read more on Nalla Keerai's story here.. 


  1. Dear Kaustubh,

    Eagerly waiting for your post on your goatery setup. Have you procured the goats yet?

    Mohammed Muneeb

  2. Dear Mr. Kaustubh,

    I am eager to know more about Arupukottai farmer and his Greens Cultivation.


    Palaneeswar Rajarathinam.

  3. Hi All,

    This is Keerthi, farmer venturing on this Green Leaf Vegetables at Aruppukottai.

    Currently, i have sowed 10 varieties of the Greens, like Arrai Keerai, Mulai Keerai, Thandu Keerai, Seeru Keerai, Palak Keerai, Paruppu Keerai, Kasinik Keerai & PuilichaK Keerai, Pudhina & Kothammalli

    Out of the 10 varieties i learnt that only 4 of them are widely known and popularly used at Sattur. So i think i may need to deliberate introducing them to the consumers at Sattur.

    I have made 10 feet length, 3 feet wide raised beds and have used FYM and Tank silt to fill them to 9" above the ground level.

    Started with 200 such raised beds and have installed Sprinklers at 30 feet length and 30 feet wide spacing. Have one control valve for 3 sprinklers and irrigate to about 10 mins on each valve by evenings.

    The sprouting will be quicker when Coriander seeds are soaked on Panchgavyam for 3 days.

    Still learning on stabilizing the cultivation. My first 88 raised beds went on experimentation alone. Could only learn from mistakes like over populating and poor spread of irrigation due to lack of required pressure from my water source.

    Suggest to start with 50 odd raised beds and learn in few weeks about the local conditions before rolling out to 200 or more raised beds.

    Will add more of my learning very shortly.

    You can contact me at my mobile 98410 97623.


    1. Hi,
      I have been to Nalla Keerai Farm in Chennai, and want to start growing Greens and Vegetables in my native village, Kovilpatti. First plan is to start in my own 10 cents of land. Then to take it for large area of 5 acres, which I am planning to buy in 2 months.
      I want your advise on this.

      Mobile: 8056998369

    2. Kindly mail me at info@saverafarms.com with your queries.

  4. Hello Savera Farms,

    You have lot of information and recreation for agritourism.

  5. Hello keerthi

    I am very much impressed with the initiatives that you have under taken.i have some fertile land in kerala which i want to use for keerai cultivation.please share some inputs

  6. Way to healthy future and a strong india. Best wishes for a bright future

  7. Way to healthy future and a strong india. Best wishes for a bright future

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