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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pilot Melia Dubia plants at 2 years!

Later this week, our 4 test plants at our residence will complete 2 years. Since there are very few plantations in Tamil Nadu that we can treat as a yardstick, the growth of these pilots would be a realistic figure to emulate..

This one started off as the weakest one of the four, but somewhere in the middle took the lead at a girth of 20 inches. Total height of the plant is estimated to be 30 ft.

These trunks have grown to become smooth and round. Here is an example of how the bark grows and becomes smooth in sections where initial branches once grew.

The average girth is about 16-17" which is encouraging for a trunk column of about 17-18 feet.

Now that we have an estimate, our goal would be to see our plantation trees at Savera Farms cross these figures in another 11 months.The environment and soil is not at par as these pilot trees but that only means we will have to be a little more diligent to nurture and patient for the plantation to mature.

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